About me...

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As far as I can remember, I've always been in contact with nature. My grandfathers,who were professional beekeepers, shared their knowledge and above all, their love of plants with me.

I pursued this path, from near or far and according to the rhythm of the different periods of my life. My interest in the plant world evolved over time and gaining experiences and skills towards a true passion.

Architecture, visual arts, design, fashion but above all nature and its incredible wealth of shapes, colours and textures are inspirations through which my work acquires diversity.

From floral compositions, temporary installations, land art, vegetal objects, my creations range from the most romantic and opulent design to the most minimalistic one, whilst keeping a natural style. My favourite approach is to work with seasonal and, when possible, locally grown or picked flowers and plants.

The workshops and demonstrations that I run in different countries are opportunities to share my vision and passion of floral art.